Our Story

Years ago, in a small Texas town, a seasoned pitmaster known by family and friends as “Papa Jack” became a local legend for cooking some of the most tender, delicious, and flavorful barbecue west of the Sabine River.

Legend has it that on any given summer night, family and friends from all around would bring Papa Jack various cuts of meat to include in his legendary “all night” cooks.

Papa Jack would cook long into the night with just one requirement – that his favorite cup of spirits was replenished from time to time.  Rumor has it, the secret to Papa Jack's tender, flavorful barbecue lies in him sneaking an ounce or two of those spirits into his secret marinade.

At Papa Jacks Marinades, we have sought to recreate the magic of Papa Jack’s cooking by adding just a touch of spirits to each of our marinade blends.  The result? A deeply flavor-infusing, tenderizing, and penetrating marinade that will add just a little bit of legend to your next cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use

Papa Jacks is uniquely formulated to quickly and instantly flavor your favorite foods WITHOUT the need for long marinating times OR submersion as is done with conventional marinades.

To use Papa Jacks, simply follow these steps:

1) Season your meat or vegetables with your favorite dry seasoning.

2) Apply a light coat of Papa Jacks and distribute evenly (with hands or a pastry brush). Once applied, you will observe Papa Jacks start to permeate and diffuse into the surface of the meat or vegetables. Your food is now ready to cook!

3) Cook food to desired doneness and enjoy!

Storage and Refrigeration

Unopened bottles can be stored for a period of up to 1 year. Once opened, refrigerate and use within 3 months.